Spring is almost officially here!

This weekend a harsh weather system came through causing most everyone and everything to hunker down for a few days. But yesterday the weather improved and the sun came out! And it wasn’t the only thing to come out of hiding. I think these guys knew my new lens arrived and wanted to help me out by being the perfect models for me to practice.

I have a bird feeder that sometimes attracts some other types of critters. Two of the usual suspects were having their pick of the seeds. The gray squirrel is too big to sit on top of the feeder and reach the seeds so he has to deal with what’s on the ground. Awhile back I watched him try to eat from the feeder – that was entertaining. The little brown cutie is a douglas squirrel. He is a little more persistent and I was reminded of that once when I forgot to put the bag of bird seed in it’s container… I found him sitting on the bag with holes all over just eating away.


Of course I wasn’t the only one watching

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