Summer Hike to Colchuck Lake

At roughly 8 miles round trip and over 2,000 foot elevation gain, Colchuck Lake is both a beautiful and intimidating hike! We did go on a busy Saturday morning and were greeted by a long line of parked cars because of it. Undeterred, we pressed on. There were many people on the trail, but it really only became an annoyance at tight spots on the trail when some hikers were inconsiderate of those climbing up. I was thankful to run into a couple of park rangers during the hike – It’s good to know the trail was being looked after.

There is a last push near the top – most of the elevation gain seems to be near the end – but it was worth it! Colchuck Lake is a beautiful sight to behold. As an alpine lake in the Enchantments, Colchuck Lake is easily one of the most beautiful and accessible parts of Washington. Pictures will never be able to fully capture the absolute splendor that is nature, but I try!

If you chose to tackle this hike, please fill out a permit at the beginning of the trail. It helps rangers keep track of who is currently on the trail, and how many people are using the trail overall. Read up on the trail over at Washington Trails Association and make sure to bring plenty of water!

Colchuck Lake, Enchantments, Central Cascades, Leavenworth Area, Washington
Colchuck Lake, Enchantments, Central Cascades, Leavenworth Area, Washington

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